Terms of Use

The subject matter of this agreement is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties, the conditions of access to the services provided on the internet.

Contract Coverage

The scope of this agreement, such as the use of the site, membership and services related to our site prepared by Internet Technologies, such as warnings, writing and disclosure statements such as the acceptance of the site, the use of the site, Although we accept all kinds of declarations about membership and services announced by our website, the member accepts, declares and undertakes that he will act in accordance with all the issues stated in the said statements.

Contract Parties

The scope of this agreement, the use of the site, membership and services related to our site prepared by Internet Technologies, such as warnings, writing and disclosure statements such as. This contract, the site owner and operator, our site with Internet Technologies the member of the site made between the members, if the approval of the registration process on the internet environment, if it is approved and mutually entered into force.

Contract Definitions

The site owner and operator, our site will be called Internet Technologies, from now on. We have completed the membership form on our site, I have read the Membership Agreement and I accept the terms. The members who have upgraded their membership to Gold Membership by paying a fee and who have Gold Membership rights will be called Gold Members from now on. All members registered to our Site are created with the information provided by him and the photographs added by him. Member-specific introductory page that can be viewed by, hereinafter referred to as the Member Profile.

Legal Rights and Provisions

The legal rights and obligations of this contract are the legal rights and obligations of the members and the rights and obligations of our website.

Legal Rights and Provisions of Members

In order to be a member of the website, the person is 18 years of age under the laws of the Republic of Turkey and is deemed to be a legally legal person and has not previously been canceled as a member, a trade name or an unethical nickname has not been chosen as a user name.

For persons who are underage, whose membership has been canceled before and who have chosen a commercial title or an unethical nickname as a member nickname have completed their membership registration process and have ratified this agreement, the membership will not result in membership. The member whose age is determined to be underage, whose membership has been canceled previously and has chosen a commercial title or an unethical nickname as member nickname shall be canceled. .Member, during the membership, While utilizing the services of the sites and performing any transactions related to the services on the sites, it shall act in accordance with all the conditions contained in this agreement, the rules specified in the relevant places of the sites and all the legislation in force, and acknowledges that it understands and approves all the terms and conditions determined by this agreement. In accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force, in cases where the official authorities are obliged to make disclosures, if the official authorities request such information in accordance with the procedure, they will be authorized to disclose the confidential, private and / or commercial information of the members to the official authorities, and therefore, regardless of our website. The security of the means of accessing the system (user name, password etc.) used by the members in order to benefit from the services offered by our site through the site, Aside from the information of the third party, the use of the information about the situation is entirely the responsibility of the members. Members have no responsibility directly or indirectly for any damages incurred or may be incurred by the members and / or third parties due to all negligence and defects in the matters such as security, storage, keeping away from the information of third parties, use of the means of entry into the system. Our site is committed to researching the accuracy of the information and content transmitted by members to the sites or uploaded, modified and provided by them in the creation and modification of member profiles; information and contents

There are more features and rights in the Gold Membership service than the regular members purchased for a fee other than normal membership. When the Gold membership fee is charged using any and / or a few of the specified payment options, Our members cannot be held responsible for any disputes arising from the bank and / or other payment methods.Gold Members have all the obligations stated in article 5 / a of this agreement.Gold Members are obliged to comply with these obligations by restricting the right to messaging, video chat or completely blocked Gold members. Since Gold Member can cancel his membership from Update My Profile section, gold membership will be terminated just like standard membership in case of cancellation of membership.

Intellectual Property Rights

All elements of the site (including, but not limited to, design, text, image, html code, and other code) belong to our site and / or by a third party Members may not resell, share, distribute, exhibit, or allow third parties, including licensors, to access or use the services provided by the sites, the information contained in the sites, or any other work subject to the intellectual property rights of our site. Members shall be liable to cover the amount of compensation requested from our website for damages incurred, including court fees and attorneys' fees Members may not reproduce, distribute and / or perform derivative works of our site subject to intellectual property rights, or All the assets, in-kind and personal rights, commercial information and know-how including the services provided from our site, the information contained in the site and the works subject to the intellectual property rights of our site, the commercial appearance of the site or all kinds of material and intellectual property rights owned by the site. All rights reserved.

Contract Changes

Our site may, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, amend this Agreement at any time it deems appropriate. The amended provisions of this Agreement shall become effective on the date they are announced. This agreement may not be amended by unilateral declarations of the members.

Force Majeure

In all cases, which are legally considered as force majeure, our site is not liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of the acts set forth in this agreement. The term force majeure, including natural disasters, riots, war, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages and bad weather conditions, and no damages can be demanded under any name on our website. but shall be construed as unavoidable events beyond the reasonable control of the party concerned, including, but not limited to, our Site, despite its due diligence

Applicable Law and Authority

Turkish Law shall apply to the implementation, interpretation and management of the legal relations arising within the scope of this agreement. Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized in case of any dispute arising or arising from this agreement.

Termination of Contract

This contract shall remain in force until the membership is canceled and shall continue to bear the terms and consequences between the parties. provisions and use, membership and services related to the site in case of violation of the contract unilaterally can terminate and the members will be liable to compensate all damages suffered by our site due to termination.