Confidentiality Agreement

The private information of the users who use the services as members of our site is protected by us and is responsible for the privacy of the private information. To become a member of our site, you do not need credentials such as name last name or tc ID number. The current e-mail address and password is sufficient to become a member.The information provided by the members is in no way identification, etc. not used for. The membership information of the people who come to our site as members is the responsibility of the members. Users are responsible for the information provided or written in public areas. All responsibility rests with the person who shares it. Swearing, bad words,insults, harassment, + 18 content, advertising and threats are prohibited on our site. The memberships of people who offend members by using such words in the public and private live broadcast areas are deleted after the required review is carried out. On our site, the number of hits within the site, the traffic that took place on the site, etc. like many other sites for research reasons, we use cookies. Private conversations between members on our site are displayed only by interested parties. The site is not transferred to third parties for any reason.The site management shall not be held responsible for any discussions or disputes that take place in the live broadcast rooms.

Our Security Measures

Our site is protected by various security measures to protect its member information, prevent it from being used for malicious purposes, and prevent it from falling into the hands of third parties.

Protection of children under 18

Our site is prohibited to individuals under the age of 18. The only requirement to be a member is to be over 18 years of age.If any person under the age of 18 is a member of the site and specifies a large age, our site does not take responsibility for this issue. Any member is known to be 18 years of age, and the person's membership is terminated if it is communicated to administrators.

Cancellation of membership

In order to delete the member's own membership on our site, there is a 'cancel my membership' link at the bottom of the page that is opened in the 'My Account' section. By clicking on the button, the membership is terminated with the consent of the member.Members who do not comply with the general rules of the Site; make different advertisements within the site, insult other members, harassment, etc. members who disturb in ways and do not comply with other rules are terminated by the site management.